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By this project we promote the multilingualism way encouraging the formulation of coherent regional and national language policies that promote the appropriate and harmonious use of languages in a specific community and country.


To improve the assessment of student’s and society’s needs in the linguistic processes to be developed, to satisfy the communication needs and the competences and strategies that must be developed to obtain it.


We do not look at the languages knowledge of only as an interpretation of experience, neither as something that only responds to epistemological problems, nor as a mere definition of the act of knowing, but we consider the knowledge of languages as a solution to a Problem of life.

Therefore we look at the knowledge of languages as something that is part of the life of man, not only of his desire, but also of his need.

We opted for an epistemological view in which European Language learners, as researchers, are able to “realize” (think and reflect) the scope of their observations in a world that they are seeing as objective and which shelters the being and the task of Their specific projects surrounded by others that can complement them (transdisciplinary).

This epistemological thought becomes a continuous and mobile practice of the student-researcher in a world that, although it is plagued by fixed and immutable laws, can be further invigorated by it.


The teaching is done by the b-learning methodology that refers to the combined work in face-to-face and online to achieve an effective learning with an adequate balance between the activities that are carried out in a virtual way and those that are done in person.

With this methodology we combine characteristics of face-to-face work and online work, which enrich content learning and work dynamics.

Working exclusively on a face-to-face basis, the teacher explains to the students content, requests the development of tasks in the classroom, while working in b-learning tasks are arranged so that the students perform them out of class when and where they can.

The face-to-face work is more related to the transmission of knowledge, with b-learning work, the student has the possibility to develop their skills in different ways

Our virtual platform favors that students can upload their tasks at different times of the day, according to their working times.


Welcome to our online platform where you can develop the skills of READING and WRITING, COMPREHENSION and LISTENING.Challenges should be developed by clicking on the menu on the left.Once downloaded the challenge you should read the original text and then choose the sentence you think is correct and write the corresponding number (1 or 2 or 3 or 4) to the right. If all the answers are correct, in the lower part we show the word OK we have to save it on the hard disk and send it. The platform will give the credits.One must also work the Listening by clicking on the menu on the left. From downloading the challenge we must listen to the recording that will solve the problems proposed by the challenge. If all the answers are correct, in the lower part we show the word OK we have to save it on the hard disk and send it.
The fourth skill, that is to say, SPEAKING, we will do it through our virtual classroom. Class time must be reserved by e-mail sent to By clicking on the left-hand menu LIVE you can enter the virtual classroom.

The platform is available 24 hours a day for seven days and so we can organize our time as we see fit.

When the activities of each level (A1, or A2, or B1, or B2, or C1, or C2) have been completed and the part of the speech is developed, space for the examination can be reserved for the four competencies: Reading, writing, understanding and speaking. To complete the written exam and listening you have 2 hours of time. The oral exam lasts 15 to 30 minutes depending on the level and will be based on the arguments that can be found on the platform under the name of HELP.

For each level, the credits described below, representing the value of equivalent hours, must be completed:

STEPOn lineLiveTotal